Cement Based Panels



Get inspired and view our cement wall panels. These decorative external stone effect panels are ideal for interior and exterior design projects. You can create stylish feature walls that will add depth and contrast in areas that would benefit from both a classic or contemporary alteration. A Brickslipit.com choice will help renovate your spaces and give you that designer look you’ve been after.

Our cement wall panels are made from high-grade cements and are an exciting and individual design choice. They are available in many different styles and are a truly modern and innovative way to bring a stone wall look into your home or business. Brickslipit.com caters for individual tastes and creative minds.


These cement wall panels are a precast product that replicates the look and feel of natural stone. The manufacturing process doesn’t involve quarrying natural stone. Therefore, reducing impact on the environment.

Cement isn’t as porous as natural stone so has excellent thermal insulation properties that will help reduce energy bills. Please contact us detailing the m2 of your project and your delivery postcode then we will contact you back within 48 hours with a quotation detailing any discount rates and a delivery lead time.

The cement wall panels in our range will assist in the creation of captivating designs owing to the individual character of their colour, pattern and form. If used to renovate the outside of a property, for a new build or internally for a feature wall, your project is sure to impress. A Brickslipit.com choice will give you that designed look you’ve been after.

For all orders of Brick Slips over 100 m2 or for Cement Wall Panel orders over 30 m2 please contact us as delivery lead times maybe longer than stated above.

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