Natural Stone Panels


Natural Stone Panels

Get inspired and view our range of Natural Stone Panels. You can create stylish feature walls that will add depth and contrast to any internal or external project. Helping those areas that would benefit from both a traditional or contemporary alteration. caters for individual tastes and creative minds.

These wall panels are made from natural stone and are an exciting and individual design choice. A truly modern and innovative way to bring a natural stone feature wall into your home or business.

Natural Stone Panels – Stone Panels By Design

The separate pieces of natural stone that make up our panels are bonded together using a building resin to make a strong and long lasting panel. With fast fit and easy installation reducing project costs this product is certainly a cost-effective and time-saving option for cladding your spaces.

These panels will assist in the creation of captivating designs owing to the individual character of their colour, pattern and form. If used to renovate the outside of a property, for a new build or internally for a feature wall, your project is sure to impress. A choice will give you that architectural designed look you’ve been after.

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